Pink Ribbon Day in SANDA ~Breast Cancer Awareness~

日 時 :2018年10月7日(日)15:00~17:30
場 所 :三田市まちづくり協働センター多目的ホール
〒669-1528 兵庫県三田市駅前町2-1
参加費 :1,000円 全席自由(先着250名)
申込方法 :取扱店にてチケットをご購入ください。(9月1日より販売開始 予定です。無くなり次第終了)
内 容 :
  P.I.E.GROUP.SANDA 代表 西澤 真則
  三田市社会福祉協議会 常務理事 勢田 肇様
 ■ 講師紹介
 ■基調講演(15:15~17:00 途中休憩あり)
  エリス シェイーン(メディカルアドバイザー 三田在住 オーストラリア出身 )
  「あなたとあなたの大切な人を守るためにがんを知ろう」   ~Understanding Cancer Can Stop it~ 通訳付
 ■ 来賓挨拶
  三田市市議会議員 佐貫尚子様
主 催 :P.I.E. GROUP.SANDA(NPO法人設立準備中)

すべての女性にPink Ribbonを

 この度、10月7日に開催されるPink Ribbon Day in SANDAは、毎年10月に世界中で開かれている乳がん予防月間(ピンクリボン月間)にちなみ、女性の皆さまとそのご家族が健康で豊かな生活を送るための学びの集いです。
代表 西澤 真則

Pink Ribbon For All Women

This year, Pink Ribbon Day in SANDA to be held on October 7, to promote a healthy and prosperous life for women and their families in keeping with Breast Cancer Prevention Month (Pink Ribbon Month) which is held all over the world in October every year.

Its a function of the society in learning to live a healthy life. Among Japanese women, Breast Cancer incidence rates are 3 in 4 people, and those who died due to breast cancer are still about 14,000 PLUS a year not including secondary diseases caused by Breast Cancer, however, the incident rates are still increasing.

Although the need for early detection and early treatment has been emphasized so far, the importance of preventing cancer is not well recognized. What really matters is not that it does not apply only to cancer in the first place. We also believe that it is an important task for citizens to come together as one family to create such a paramount prevention, intervention and education curriculum thus working together to positively improve the health and well-being of local communities.

We are P.I.E.GROUP.SANDA * With appreciation, gratitude, and acknowledgment for the women who produce our families, communities and support us and pledge to embrace all women who fight this disorder, now and in the future.

※P.I.E.:Prevention, Intervention, Education Program

基調講演 「あなたとあなたの大切な人を守るためにがんを知ろう」~Understanding Cancer Can Stop it~ 







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